Slab Leak Detection

A leak under a foundation or in front of your home is never pleasant - Rest assured that ALD uses state-of-the-art equipment and methodology to keep inconvenience and clutter at an all-time-low, while finding the problem in the most efficient way possible. In Las Vegas and all over the US slab leaks are one of the most common plumbing problems. A slab leak by definition is when water pipes inside or underneath the concrete structure of a house also known as a "slab" start leaking. A slab leak occurs when water pipes underneath a house crack or break. A slab leak starts to cause serious damage to a home when it goes unattended without being fixed or replaced with new pipes. One of the worse things that can happen is when a slab leak starts to cause damage to the structure of a home, through cracked flooring and walls. Considering how badly slab leaks can damage a home they must be first detected and then repaired immediately.

Common Signs of a Slab Leak

  • Sound of Running Water
  • One of the most common symptoms of a slab leak is typically the sound of running water throughout an area of your home, or the entire home when no faucets are on. If this is something you are experiencing, calling ALD can save you thousands of dollars. We specialize in Slab Leak Detection and can locate the slab leak in your home the same day we are called.

  • Cracks in Floors and Walls
  • If you notice any cracks in the floors and or walls of your home or business it could be the result of a slab leak. Usually cracks in floors and walls take time to develop but they can also occur very rapidly, if you have a crack in the flooring or along the walls of your home that is getting bigger over time or has just appeared consult ALD immediately as this could be the sign of a very serious slab leak.

  • Wet Flooring and Mildew
  • If you are experiencing Mildew or wet carpets and flooring it is likely that your slab is cracked and therefore the pipes within it are leaking into your home.

  • Increase in Water Bill
  • Often times a sudden increase in your monthly water bills can be an indicator of a slab leak. Especially when your water consumption level has not increased above normal levels. A high water bill can also indicate several other types of leaks such as pool and plumbing leaks.